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解釋 #1
讀音: dok6
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 測量數值,譬如長度、高度、温度
    (英文) to measure
    (粵) 我要度下個衣櫃有幾高。 (ngo5 jiu3 dok6 haa5 go3 ji1 gwai6 jau5 gei2 gou1.)
    (英) I have to measure the height of the wardrobe.
    (粵) 我攞條裙出嚟度下,發現唔係好啱身。 (ngo5 lo2 tiu4 kwan4 ceot1 lai4 dok6 haa5, faat3 jin6 m4 hai6 hou2 aam1 san1.)
    (英) I measured the dress against myself and found that it didn't fit me.

  2. (廣東話) 諗;思考
    (英文) to devise; to work out; to think of
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 度橋 (dok6 kiu2)
    (英) to think about idea
    (粵) 度條計仔 (dok6 tiu4 gai2 zai2)
    (英) to think of a way
    (粵) 諗過度過 (nam2 gwo3 dok6 gwo3)
    (英) to think deeply
    (粵) 佢度緊套戲嘅劇本。 (keoi5 dok6 gan2 tou3 hei3 ge3 kek6 bun2.)
    (英) He's working on the film script.

  3. (廣東話) 借貸、借錢
    (英文) to lend or borrow, esp. money
    (粵) 你可唔可以度住五嚿水俾我啊? (nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 dok6 zyu6 ng5 gau6 seoi2 bei2 ngo5 aa3?)
    (英) Can you lend me five hundred dollars?

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「到 / 倒」

解釋 #2
  • dou2
  • dou2
  • dou2
詞性: 詞綴
(廣東話) 加喺數量(名)詞短語後面,表示大概大約
(英文) used after a numeral-classifier(-noun) phrase; approximately; about
配詞 / 用法:
(粵) 一百蚊到 (jat1 baak3 man1 dou2)
(英) approximately a hundred dollars
(粵) 二十個人到 (ji6 sap6 go3 jan4 dou2)
(英) about twenty people
(粵) 四十歲到 (sei3 sap6 seoi3 dou2)
(英) about forty years old
(粵) 「我哋個表演幾點開始呀?」「唔知呀,我諗兩點到啦,要睇下前一個表演會唔會超時先知。」 (ngo5 dei6 go3 biu2 jin2 gei2 dim2 hoi1 ci2 aa3? m4 zi1 aa3, ngo5 nam2 loeng5 dim2 dou2 laa1, jiu3 tai2 haa5 cin4 jat1 go3 biu2 jin2 wui5 m4 wui5 ciu1 si4 sin1 zi1.)
(英) "When will the next show begin?" "I don't know. It may begin at about two, depending on whether the previous show exceeding the time limit or not."
近義: 近義: 左右
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「度 / 道」

解釋 #3
  • dou6
  • dou6
詞性: 名詞
(廣東話) 地方地點;活動或者狀態嘅範圍
(英文) place; spot; boundaries; sphere of an activity or a state
配詞 / 用法:
(粵) 呢度 (ni1 dou6)
(英) here
(粵) 嗰度 (go2 dou6)
(英) there
(粵) 喺度 (hai2 dou6)
(英) being; doing; literally: at this spot/place
(粵) 邊度 (bin1 dou6)
(英) where
(粵) 將啲花生同糖擺埋同一度先。 (zoeng1 di1 faa1 sang1 tung4 tong4 baai2 maai4 tung4 jat1 dou6 sin1.)
(英) Put the peanuts and candies together.
(粵) 另一度先有得影印。 (ling6 jat1 dou6 sin1 jau5 dak1 jing2 jan4.)
(英) You can photocopy only in another place/location.
(粵) 我哋兩度都想去。 (ngo5 dei6 loeng5 dou6 dou1 soeng2 heoi3.)
(英) We want to go to both places.
(粵) 好多度都錯咗喎。 (hou2 do1 dou6 dou1 co3 zo2 wo3.)
(英) Well there are many mistakes.
(粵) 死啦,揾勻咁多度都唔見啊。 (sei2 laa1, wan2 wan4 gam3 do1 dou6 dou1 m4 gin3 aa3.)
(英) Oh dear, we've looked for so many places but still cannot find it.
(粵) 你件褸喺我度。 (nei5 gin6 lau1 hai2 ngo5 dou6.)
(英) Your coat is kept by me.
(粵) 呢個例子我喺書度見過㗎。 (ni1 go3 lai6 zi2 ngo5 hai2 syu1 dou6 gin3 gwo3 gaa3.)
(英) I saw this example in the book.
(粵) 我漏咗個銀包喺小巴度。 (ngo5 lau6 zo2 go3 ngan4 baau1 hai2 siu2 baa1 dou6.)
(英) I left my purse on the minibus.
(粵) 雪櫃度仲有支啤酒。 (syut3 gwai6 dou6 zung6 jau5 zi1 be1 zau2.)
(英) There is still a bottle of beer in the refrigerator.
(粵) 阿輝隻腳度有個紋身。 (aa3 fai1 zek3 goek3 dou6 jau5 go3 man4 san1.)
(英) There is a tattoo on Fai's leg.
(粵) 大時大節,度度都好多人。 (daai6 si4 daai6 zit3, dou6 dou6 dou1 ho2 do1 jan4.)
(英) Crowds are everywhere at festivals.
(粵) 本簿度畫咗好多火柴人。 (bun2 bou2 dou6 waak6 zo2 hou2 do1 fo2 caai4 jan4.)
(英) Many figures of matches are drawn on the book.
(粵) 疊紙收埋喺啲快勞度。 (daap6 zi2 sau1 maai4 hai2 di1 faai1 lou2 dou6.)
(英) The paper is in the folders.
(粵) 筆車馬費梗係要計返落開支條數度啦。 (bat1 ce1 maa5 fai3 gang2 hai6 jiu3 gai3 faan1 lok6 hoi1 zi1 tiu4 sou3 dou6 laa1.)
(英) The honorarium should indeed be a part of our expenditure.
(粵) 間廟個銅像度刻咗字。 (gaan1 miu2 go3 tung4 zoeng6 dou6 haak1 zo2 zi6.)
(英) Words are inscribed on the bronze statue in the temple.
(粵) 牀度啲公仔你㗎? (cong4 dou6 di1 gung1 zai2 nei5 gaa4?)
(英) Are the dolls on the bed yours?
(粵) 電視度啲疆屍唔係好得人驚啫。 (din6 si6 dou6 di1 goeng1 si1 m4 hai6 hou2 dak1 jan4 geng1 ze1,)
(英) Vampires on TV aren't really scary.
(粵) 佢哋有合作開,默契喺返晒度。 (keoi5 dei6 jau5 hap6 zok3 hoi1, mak6 kai3 hai2 faan1 saai3 dou6.)
(英) They have been cooperating and still have tacit understanding.
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