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解釋 #1
讀音: ji5
詞性: 介詞
  1. (yue) 又或者;帶出工具、方法、對象等等,再交代佢嘅狀態、目的等等;常見配搭包括後面嘅介詞「」(wai4)
    (eng) with; by means of; based on; to take ... (as); to use; to regard ... as
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 以牙還牙 (ji5 ngaa4 waan4 ngaa4)
    (eng) to punish sby by having the same thing done to them; to take revenge; (an eye for an eye); literally: a tooth for a tooth
    (yue) 以權謀私 (ji5 kyun4 mau4 si1)
    (eng) to seek personal gain by abusing one's authority or position; to abuse power for personal advantage
    (yue) 引以為榮 (jan5 ji5 wai4 wing4)
    (eng) to regard sth as an honour; to take it as an honour
    (yue) 嚴陣以待 (jim4 zan6 ji5 doi6)
    (eng) to be in the highest level of readiness; to be ready for action
    (yue) 民以食為天 (man4 ji5 sik6 wai4 tin1)
    (eng) food is what really matters to the people
    (yue) 以誠相對 (ji5 sing4 soeng1 deoi3)
    (eng) to treat somebody with sincerity
    (yue) 以你為榜樣 (ji5 nei5 wai4 bong2 joeng6)
    (eng) to take you as a good example
    (yue) 以中學生為主 (ji5 zung1 hok6 saang1 wai4 zyu2)
    (eng) to focus on the secondary students
    (yue) 以水代酒 (ji5 seoi2 doi6 zau2)
    (eng) to use water to take the place of wine
    (yue) 佢希望我哋以大局為重。 (keoi5 hei1 mong6 ngo5 dei6 ji5 daai6 guk6 wai4 zung6.)
    (eng) He hopes that we will consider the general interest above everything else.

  2. (yue) 根據;按照;參照;基於
    (eng) according to; based on; with reference to
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 以我個人嚟講 (ji5 ngo5 go3 jan4 lai4 gong2)
    (eng) according to my own opinion
    (yue) 以每個人嘅平均收入計算,香港有大約兩成人口生活喺貧窮線下。 (ji5 mui5 go3 jan4 ge3 ping4 gwan1 sau1 jap6 gai3 syun3, hoeng1 gong2 jau5 daai6 joek3 loeng5 sing4 jan4 hau2 sang1 wut6 hai2 pan4 kung4 sin3 haa6.)
    (eng) According to the average income of each individual, 20% of the total population in Hong Kong live under the poverty line.

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