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「乜嘢 / 乜野」

解釋 #1
  • 乜嘢 mat1 je5
  • 乜野 mat1 je5
詞性: 代詞
  1. (廣東話) 疑問代詞,用嚟提問一啲唔清楚嘅事物
    (英文) what
    (粵) 你做緊乜嘢呀? (nei5 zou6 gan2 mat1 je5 aa3?)
    (英) What are you doing?
    (粵) 乜嘢係通貨膨脹呀? (mat1 je5 hai6 tung1 fo3 paang4 zoeng3 aa3?)
    (英) What is inflation?

  2. (廣東話) 疑問代詞,用嚟做定語,提問特定一樣嘢嘅詳細資訊
    (英文) what; what kind of
    (粵) 呢本係乜嘢書嚟㗎? (ni1 bun2 hai6 mat1 je5 syu1 lai4 gaa3?)
    (英) What book is this?

  3. (廣東話) 一時之間諗唔起個講法嘅時候,或者唔想講得太清楚嘅時候,用嚟攝位
    (英文) used as a gap-filler / placeholder when one cannot find the right word or when one wants to avoid mentioning something
    (粵) 嗰個乜嘢呀,下次拎俾我吖。 (go2 go3 mat1 je5 aa3, haa6 ci3 ling1 bei2 ngo5 aa1.)
    (英) Hey, can you bring me that thing next time?

  4. (廣東話) 泛指任何嘢,通常後面會有「
    (英文) whatever, usually followed by dou1 ()
    (粵) 你要乜嘢我都會俾你。 (nei5 jiu3 mat1 je5 ngo5 dou1 wui5 bei2 nei5.)
    (英) I will give you whatever you ask for.

  5. (廣東話) 用嚟反詰,以表達鄙視、不滿、驚訝
    (英文) used to form rhetoric questions to express disapproval, dismay, or astonishment
    (粵) 呢啲乜嘢英文嚟㗎! (ni1 di1 mat1 je5 jing1 man2 lai4 gaa3)
    (英) What kind of English is this! (=It is so poorly written. How could you call this English?)

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