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解釋 #1
讀音: caau2
詞性: 動詞
  1. (yue) 煮嘢食嘅方式,將嘢食擺喺鑊入面翻嚟翻去,直至煮熟
    (eng) to stir-fry
    (yue) 我想食腐乳炒通菜。 (ngo5 soeng2 sik6 fu6 jyu5 caau2 tung1 coi3.)
    (eng) I'd like to eat fried water spinach with fermented bean curd.

  2. (yue) 即係炒賣,(投機性質嘅)投資,透過低買高賣嘅手段嚟賺快錢
    (eng) to speculate
    (yue) 依家好多人炒樓,搞到樓價高企。 (ji1 gaa1 hou2 do1 jan4 caau2 lau2, gaau2 dou3 lau4 gaa3 gou1 kei5.)
    (eng) Many people speculate in the property market. This pushes up the price of the property market.

  3. (yue) 解僱(見炒魷魚
    (eng) to fire; to sack; to lay off
    (yue) 佢因為成日返工遲到,所以俾人炒咗。 (keoi5 jan1 wai6 seng4 jat6 faan1 gung1 ci4 dou3, so2 ji5 bei2 jan4 caau2 zo2.)
    (eng) He was fired for being late for work all the time.

  4. (yue) 喺比賽入面,大比數噉贏
    (eng) (usually of matches or games) to win by a large margin
    (yue) 巴西只係俾荷蘭炒咗三球,已經好過上一場對德國㗎喇! (baa1 sai1 zi2 hai6 bei2 ho4 laan1 caau2 zo2 saam1 kau4, ji5 ging1 hou2 gwo3 soeng6 jat1 coeng4 deoi3 dak1 gwok3 gaa3 laa3!)
    (eng) Brazil only lost 0-3 against the Netherlands, it's already an improvement compared with their match with the Germans!

  5. (yue) 失敗(見炒粉
    (eng) to fail; to perform badly
    (yue) 我考試炒咗。 (ngo5 haau2 si5 caau2 zo2.)
    (eng) I perform badly on the exam.

  6. (yue) 嗌交
    (eng) to have an argument; to have a row
    (yue) 琴日我同佢炒咗,所以你唔好叫我幫你搵佢喇。 (kam4 jat6 ngo5 tung4 keoi5 caau2 zo2, so2 ji5 nei5 m4 hou2 giu3 ngo5 bong1 nei5 wan2 keoi5 laa3.)
    (eng) I had a row with him yesterday. Please don't ask me to contact him for you.

  7. (yue) 撞車;撞到嘢
    (eng) (of vehicles or trains) to crash; to hit something
    (yue) 架車炒咗上路壆。 (gaa3 ce1 caau2 zo2 soeng2 lou6 bok3.)
    (eng) The car crashed into the kerb.

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