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解釋 #1
讀音: fan1 sau2
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 結束兩人嘅情侶關係
    (英文) to break up; to end a romantic relationship
    (粵) 佢哋終於分手,結束咗三年嘅感情。 (keoi5 dei6 zung1 jyu1 fan1 sau2, git3 cuk1 zo2 saam1 nin4 ge3 gam2 cing4.)
    (英) They finally broke up after having been together for three years.

  2. (廣東話) 相聚後分開;離別
    (英文) to say goodbye; to part ways
    (粵) 嗰晚同大家分咗手之後,我先醒起自己未夾返食飯錢。 (go2 maan5 tung4 daai6 gaa1 fan1 zo2 sau2 zi1 hau6, ngo5 sin1 sing2 hei2 zi6 gei2 mei6 gaap3 faan1 sik6 faan6 cin2.)
    (英) That night after parting ways with everyone, I realised I'd forgotten to pay back my share of the dinner check. (This would be a situation where one person paid at the restaurant with the understanding that everyone else would pay him or her back for their portion before parting ways.)
    (粵) 我喺車站同朋友分手,然後返屋企。 (ngo5 hai2 ce1 zaam6 tung4 pang4 jau5 fan1 sau2, jin4 hau6 faan1 uk1 kei2.)
    (英) I parted ways with my friend at the station, then went home.

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