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解釋 #1
讀音: sau2
詞性: 詞綴
(廣東話) 用喺量詞前面表示第一
(英文) used before classifiers or measure words to mean "the first"
配詞 / 用法:
(粵) 首名 (sau2 ming4)
(英) the first place
(粵) 首輪 (sau2 leon4)
(英) the first round
(粵) 首段 (sau2 dyun6)
(英) the first paragraph
(粵) 首次 (sau2 ci3)
(英) the first time
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解釋 #2
讀音: sau2
詞性: 語素
  1. (廣東話)
    (英文) head
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 斬首 (zaam2 sau2)
    (英) to behead
    (粵) 首飾 (sau2 sik1)
    (英) jewellery
    (粵) 神龍見首不見尾 (san4 lung4 gin3 sau2 bat1 gin3 mei5)
    (英) used to describe someone whose whereabouts are unclear, whose movements are unpredictable

  2. (廣東話) 領袖帶頭嗰個
    (英文) leader
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 群龍無首 (kwan4 lung4 mou4 sau2)
    (英) a group without a leader, literally "a host of dragons without a head"
    (粵) 元首 (jyun4 sau2)
    (英) head of a state
    (粵) 首領 (sau2 ling5)
    (英) leader

  3. (廣東話) 開端;開始;最先嘅
    (英文) beginning
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 首先 (sau2 sin1)
    (英) first (of all)
    (粵) 回首 (wui4 sau2)
    (英) to review the past; literally: to turn one's head
    (粵) 首當其衝 (sau2 dong1 kei4 cung1)
    (英) to be the first to bear the brunt
    (粵) 首創 (sau2 cong3)
    (英) (of innovation, especially products or service) first-ever
    (粵) 一年之首 (jat1 nin4 zi1 sau2)
    (英) the beginning of years
    (粵) 篇首 (pin1 sau2)
    (英) division header
    (粵) 頁首 (jip6 sau2)
    (英) header
    (粵) 首頁 (sau2 jip6)
    (英) homepage

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解釋 #3
讀音: sau2
詞性: 量詞
(廣東話) 計算歌曲等嘅單位
(英文) a measuring unit for songs and poetry in their entirety
配詞 / 用法:
(粵) 一首歌 (jat1 sau2 go1)
(英) a piece of song
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