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解釋 #1
讀音: zi1
詞性: 量詞
  1. (yue) 用嚟數軍隊艦隊
    (eng) used to quantify troops or fleets
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 一支艦隊 (jat1 zi1 laam6 deoi2)
    (eng) a fleet

  2. (yue) 表示歌嘅數量;
    (eng) used to quantify songs
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 一支歌仔 (jat1 zi1 go1 zai2)
    (eng) a song
    (yue) 冇呢支歌仔唱 (mou5 ni1 zi1 go1 zai2 coeng3)
    (eng) literally: a song sung no more

  3. (yue) 表示嘅數量,亦都唔使同量詞嘅重複
    (eng) used to quantify bottles
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 一支酒 (jat1 zi1 zau2)
    (eng) a bottle of wine
    (yue) 幾支空樽 (gei2 zi1 hung1 zeon1)
    (eng) several empty bottles

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解釋 #2
讀音: zi1
詞性: 語素
  1. (yue) 維持
    (eng) to support; to sustain
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 支持 (zi1 ci4)
    (eng) to support
    (yue) 支撐
    (eng) to support
    (yue) 支援 (zi1 wun4)
    (eng) to assist
    (yue) 支點 (zi1 dim2)
    (eng) pivot; fulcrum

  2. (yue) 控制操縱
    (eng) to control; to dominate
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 支配 (zi1 pui3)

  3. (yue) 畀錢
    (eng) (of money) to pay; to withdraw
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 支出 (zi1 ceot1)
    (eng) expenditure
    (yue) 透支 (tau3 zi1)
    (eng) to overdraft
    (yue) 支付 (zi1 fu6)
    (eng) to pay money
    (yue) 支票 (zi1 piu3)
    (eng) cheque

  4. (yue) 分部
    (eng) branch; offshoot
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 支線 (zi1 sin3)
    (eng) branch line
    (yue) 支行 (zi1 hong2)
    (eng) branch bank / shop

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「枝 / 支」

解釋 #3
  • zi1
  • zi1
詞性: 量詞
(yue) 用嚟數又嘅物件
(eng) used to quantify long and thin objects
配詞 / 用法:
(yue) 一枝鉛筆 (jat1 zi1 jyun4 bat1)
(eng) a pencil
(yue) 一支光管 (jat1 zi1 gwong1 gwun2)
(eng) a fluorescent
(yue) 佢送咗一枝花俾佢阿媽。 (keoi5 sung3 zo2 jat1 zi1 faa1 bei2 keoi5 aa3 maa1.)
(eng) He gave his mother a flower as a gift.
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