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解釋 #1
讀音: ceot1 seng1
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 發出聲音
    (英文) to make a noise
    (粵) 你搞到我喺地鐵度笑咗出聲。 (nei5 gaau2 dou3 ngo5 hai2 dei6 tit3 dou6 siu3 zo2 ceot1 seng1.)
    (英) You made me laugh out loud on the MTR.
    (粵) 有人行緊過嚟,唔好出聲啊。 (jau5 jan4 haang4 gan2 gwo3 lei4, m4 hou2 ceot1 seng1 aa3.)
    (英) Somebody's coming; don't make a noise.

  2. (廣東話) 講嘢
    (英文) to speak
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 粒聲唔出 (nap1 seng1 m4 ceot1)
    (英) (of a person) to be completely silent
    (粵) 佢唔出聲,實係身有屎(keoi5 m4 ceot1 seng1, sat6 hai6 san1 jau5 si2.)
    (英) Since he doesn't say a word, he must be the one who did it.
    (粵) 你#出少句聲當幫忙 得唔得啫? (nei5 ceot1 siu2 geoi3 seng1 dong3 bong1 mong4 dak1 m4 dak1 zek1?)
    (英) Can you just shut up, please?

  3. (廣東話) 話俾人知;通常攞嚟叫人唔使客氣,將自己嘅諗法或者要求講出嚟
    (英文) to speak out; often used to invite the interlocutor to express his/her thoughts or requests frankly
    (粵) 你肚餓就出聲啦,等我拎啲曲奇餅俾你食。 (nei5 tou5 ngo5 zau6 ceot1 segn1 laa1, dang2 ngo5 ling1 di1 kuk1 kei4 beng2 bei2 nei5 sik6.)
    (英) Just gimme a shout if you're hungry. I'll grab you some cookies.
    (粵) 你等錢使就出聲啦,哥哥幫到嘅話一定幫。 (nei5 dang2 cin2 sai2 zau6 ceot1 seng1 laa1, go4 go1 bong1 dou2 ge3 waa2 jat1 ding6 bong1.)
    (英) Just come to me if you need cash. I [as your brother] will do my best to help.
    (粵) 你痛就出聲喇喎,我細力啲。 (nei5 tung3 zau6 ceot1 seng1 laa3 wo3, ngo5 sai3 lik6 di1.)
    (英) Just tell me if it hurts and I'll go softer.

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