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解釋 #1
讀音: dim3
詞性: 動詞
(yue) 輕輕力觸摸
(eng) to touch
(yue) 唔好掂啊!有毒㗎! (m4 hou2 dim3 aa3! jau5 duk6 gaa3!)
(eng) Don't touch it! It's poisonous!
(yue) 我掂都冇掂過佢。 (ngo5 dim3 dou1 mou5 dim3 gwo3 keoi5.)
(eng) I didn't even touched her.
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「掂 / 𠶧」

解釋 #2
  • dim6
  • 𠶧 dim6
詞性: 形容詞
  1. (yue) 滿意冇問題;做得嚟;成功
    (eng) all right; satisfactory; okay; capable; resourceful; competent; successful
    (yue) 佢好掂㗎,未畢業已經搵到一份高人工嘅工。 (keoi5 hou2 dim6 gaa3, mei6 bat1 jip6 ji5 ging1 wan2 dou2 jat1 fan6 gou1 jan4 gung1 ge3 gung1.)
    (eng) He's very capable - he managed to get a well-paid job before graduation.
    (yue) 佢做嘢好掂㗎。 (keoi5 zou6 je5 hou2 dim6 gaa3.)
    (eng) He is a capable person at work.
    (yue) 我個髮型掂唔掂啊? (ngo5 go3 faat3 jing4 dim6 m4 dim6 aa3?)
    (eng) Does my hair look okay?
    (yue) 你今日個樣好掂。 (nei5 gam1 jat6 go3 joeng2 hou2 dim6.)
    (eng) You look great today.
    (yue) 佢啲日文好掂。 (keoi5 di1 jat6 man2 hou2 dim6.)
    (eng) Her Japanese is excellent.
    (yue) 啲嘢全部攪掂晒。 (di1 je5 cyun4 bou6 gaau2 dim6 saai3.)
    (eng) Everything has been settled.
    (yue) 你估佢做呢份工掂唔掂吖嗱? (nei5 gu2 keoi5 zou6 ni1 fan6 gung1 dim6 m4 dim6 aa1 naa4?)
    (eng) Do you think he's up to this job?
    (yue) 佢嘅表現真係好唔掂。 (keoi5 ge3 biu2 jin6 zan1 hai6 hou2 m4 dim6.)
    (eng) Her performance was simply terrible.

  2. (yue) 表示完成咗一件事
    (eng) to mark the finishing point of a task
    (yue) 單case我搞掂咗㗎嘞。 (daan1 kei1 si2 ngo5 gaau2 dim6 zo2 gaa3 laak3.)
    (eng) I have finished this case.
    (yue) 我整埋呢一忽就掂晒喇。 (ngo5 zing2 maai4 ni1 jat1 fat1 zau6 dim6 saai3 laa3.)
    (eng) It will be completed once I finished this part.

  3. (yue) 喺某啲詞語、短語通「」、「
    (eng) to mean "straight" in some words and phrases
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 橫掂 (waang4 dim6)
    (eng) either way; in any case; anyway; literally: horizontally and vertically
    (yue) 橫睇掂睇 (waang4 tai2 dim6 tai2)
    (eng) no matter how you look; no matter from which angle you look; literally: horizontally look vertically look
    (yue) 橫死掂死 (waang4 sei2 dim6 sei2)
    (eng) it doesn't make any difference in the result either way i.e. neither option is good; literally: horizontal die vertical die
    (yue) 掂行掂過 (dim6 haang4 dim6 gwo3)
    (eng) to walk and pass straight as if nothing happened or one did not see; literally: straight walk straight pass
    (yue) 掂過碌蔗 (dim6 gwo3 luk6 ze3)
    (eng) really good; literally: straighter than sugar cane
    (yue) 阿駝賣蝦米 (aa3 to2 maai6 haa1 mai5)
    (eng) all of them are not good

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