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「仲 / 重」

解釋 #1
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詞性: 副詞
  1. (yue) 仍然;表示動作或狀態維持不變或者重複發生
    (eng) still; to indicate that the action or status is unchanged or is repeating
    (yue) 佢喺呢間公司做咗五六年都冇升過職,重係一個辦公室助理。 (keoi5 hai2 ni1 gaan1 gung1 si1 zou6 zo2 ng5 luk6 nin4 dou1 mou5 sing1 gwo3 zik1, zung6 hai6 jat1 go3 baan6 gung1 sat1 zo6 lei5.)
    (eng) He has been in the same position for 5 or 6 years. Today, he is still an office assistant.
    (yue) 仲有啲問題要解決。 (zung6 jau5 di1 man6 tai4 jiu3 gaai2 kyut6.)
    (eng) Some problems have yet to be solved.

  2. (yue) 仍然;表示尚未到某個情況或時間
    (eng) still; to indicate that the time has not come yet, or to indicate something is not yet ready
    (yue) 距離交卷時間重有十五分鐘。 (keoi5 lei4 gaau1 gyun2 si4 gaan3 zung6 jau5 sap6 ng5 fan1 zung1.)
    (eng) There is still fifteen minutes before the exam ends.
    (yue) 你嘅演說技巧重有進步空間,繼續努力! (nei5 ge3 jin2 syut3 gei6 haau2 zung6 jau5 zeon3 bou6 hung1 gaan1, gai3 zuk6 nou5 lik6!)
    (eng) Keep practicing your delivery skills, you still have room for improvement!

  3. (yue) 更加;表示程度比較
    (eng) even more
    (yue) 今日重潮濕過尋日。 (gam1 jat6 zung6 ciu4 sap1 gwo3 cam4 jat6.)
    (eng) Today is even more humid than yesterday.
    (yue) 落雨重好,可以留喺屋企休息下。 (lok6 jyu5 zung6 hou2, ho2 ji5 lau4 hai2 uk1 kei2 jau1 sik1 haa5.)
    (eng) It's even better when it rains - I can stay at home and rest.

  4. (yue) 另外;補充項目、數量或範圍
    (eng) in addition; and; last but not least
    (yue) 雞蛋六隻,糖呢就兩茶匙,重有啲橙皮添。 (gai1 daan2 luk6 zek3, tong4 ne1 zau6 loeng5 caa4 ci4, zung6 jau5 di1 caang2 pei4 tim1.)
    (eng) Six eggs, two table spoons of sugar, and some orange peel.
    (yue) 仲有啲咩要帶啊? (zung6 jau1 di1 me1 jiu3 daai3 aa3?)
    (eng) What should we bring in addition?
    (yue) 我屋企有五個人,仲有兩隻狗。 (ngo5 uk1 kei2 jau5 ng5 go3 jan4, zung6 jau5 loeng5 zek3 gau2.)
    (eng) There are five people in my family. In addition to that, we've got two dogs.
    (yue) 今次個交流團有十五個學生參加,重有兩個老師帶隊。 (gam1 ci3 go3 gaau1 lau4 tyun4 jau5 sap6 ng5 go3 hok6 saang1 caam1 gaa1, zung6 jau5 loeng5 go3 lou5 si1 daai3 deoi2.)
    (eng) Fifteen students joined the exchange programme. In addition, two teachers acted as group leaders.

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