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解釋 #1
讀音: sik6
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 將一啲嘢擺入口到咬,然後經食道吞入肚裏面
    (英文) to eat
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 食飯 (sik6 faan6)
    (英) to have a meal
    (粵) 食晏 (sik6 aan3)
    (英) to have lunch
    (粵) 我未食過臭豆腐,好想試下。 (ngo5 mei6 sik6 gwo3 cau3 dau6 fu6, hou2 soeng2 si3 haa5.)
    (英) I've never eaten stinky tofu. I really want to give it a try.

  2. (廣東話) 服用藥物
    (英文) to take (medicine)
    (粵) 你食咗藥未? (nei5 sik6 zo2 joek6 mei6?)
    (英) Have you taken your medicine yet?

  3. (廣東話) 經氣管或者其他方法吸入或注入身體
    (英文) to inhale, inject, or otherwise absorb into the body
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 食煙 (sik6 jin1)
    (英) to smoke (cigarettes)
    (粵) 食白粉 (sik6 baak6 fan2)
    (英) to shoot heroin

  4. (廣東話) 承受痛苦
    (英文) to suffer; to be on the receiving end of bad things
    (粵) 我食咗佢好多拳。 (ngo5 sik6 zo2 keoi5 hou2 do1 kyun4.)
    (英) I took a lot of punches from him.
    (粵) 業主又要加租,小商戶冇議價能力,唯有硬食。 (jip6 zyu2 jau6 jiu3 gaa1 zou1, siu2 soeng1 wu6 mou5 ji3 gaa3 nang4 lik6, wai4 jau5 ngaang6 sik6.)
    (英) The landlord is increasing the rent again. With no bargaining power, the tenants have no choice but to accept it.

  5. (廣東話) 消耗、耗用
    (英文) to consume, to expend
    (粵) 呢隻app好食電呀。 (ni1 zek3 ep1 hou2 sik6 din6 aa3.)
    (英) This app consumes a lot of power.
    (粵) 食晒我啲時間! (sik6 saai3 ngo5 di1 si4 gaan3!)
    (英) It's taking up all my time!

  6. (廣東話) 征服、吞併、控制、抽取
    (英文) to conquer; to embrace, extend and extinguish; to control; to extract something from
    (粵) 呢個明星恃住自己有錢又靚仔,食咗好多條女。 (ni1 go3 ming4 sing1 ci5 zyu6 zi6 gei2 jau5 cin2 jau6 leng3 zai2, sik6 zo2 hou2 do1 tiu4 neoi2.)
    (英) Using his wealth and good looks, this pop star slept with a lot of girls.
    (粵) 佢捉棋好叻,一開始就食咗我幾隻棋。 (keoi5 zuk1 kei2 hou2 lek1, jat1 hoi1 ci2 zau6 sik6 zo2 ngo5 gei2 zek3 kei2.)
    (英) She is really good at chess, a few of my pieces were captured at the very beginning.
    (粵) 佢俾佢女友食住晒,冇咩權話事。 (keoi5 bei2 keoi5 neoi5 jau5 sik6 zyu6 saai3, mou5 me1 kyun4 waa6 si6.)
    (英) He is dominated by his girlfriend, and doesn't really have any say at all.
    (粵) 保險佬食好多佣,小心俾佢哋呃。 (bou2 him2 lou2 sik6 hou2 do1 jung2, siu2 sam1 bei2 keoi5 dei6 aak1.)
    (英) The insurance salesmen extract large commissions, beware of their sales tactics.

  7. (廣東話) 賴以謀生
    (英文) to rely upon for a living
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 食自己 (sik6 zi6 gei2)
    (英) to rely on oneself for a living
    (粵) 食腦 (sik6 nou5)
    (英) to use one's brain to earn a living

  8. (廣東話) 借勢、乘勢、趁機
    (英文) to take advantage of a situation
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 食住上 (sik6 zyu6 soeng5)
    (英) to take advantage of a situation to further one's own interests
    (粵) 史叔近排好紅,唔知佢會唔會食住個勢,出多幾本書呢? (si2 suk1 ni1 paai2 hou2 hung4, m4 zi1 keoi5 wui5 m4 wui5 sik6 zyu6 go3 sai3, ceot1 do1 gei2 bun2 syu1 ne1?)
    (英) Uncle Si has become very popular. Will he take advantage of the situation, and publish a few more books?

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