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解釋 #1
讀音: saa2
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 戲弄;通常指講大話拖延打發敷衍對方
    (英文) to fool; to trick; now usually refers to lying or giving a perfunctory answer in order to buy time or to get away
    (粵) 你唔想同我拍拖咪講囉。唔好耍我啦。 (nei5 m4 soeng2 tung4 ngo5 paak3 to1 mai6 gong2 lo1. m4 hou2 saa2 ngo5 laa1.)
    (英) Just say it if you don't want to go on a date with me. Don't fool me.

  2. (廣東話) 練習拳法、武術招術招式
    (英文) (of martial arts or shadowboxing) to perform; to play with
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 耍拳 (saa2 kyun2)
    (英) to practise shadowing boxing
    (粵) 耍太極 (saa2 taai3 gik6)
    (英) to practise Tai Chi movements

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