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解釋 #1
讀音: nung1 , lung1
詞性: 形容詞
  1. (yue) 形容俾火燒到變黃黑、脆硬、變形,可能發出焦臭味
    (eng) burnt; charred
    (yue) 啲飯燶晒啦,仲唔熄火! (di1 faan6 nung1 saai3 laa3, zung6 m4 sik1 fo2!)
    (eng) The rice is burnt! Turn off the rice cooker right now!
    (yue) 嚿叉燒咁燶,唔好食喇。 (gau6 caa1 siu1 gam3 nung1, m4 hou2 sik6 laa3.)
    (eng) The roast pork is burnt, don't eat it.
    (yue) 佢逃離火場嘅時候,頭髮已經俾大火燒燶咗。 (keoi5 tou4 lei4 fo2 zoeng4 ge3 si4 hau6, tau4 faat3 ji5 ging1 bei2 daai6 fo2 siu1 nung1 zo2.)
    (eng) His hair was burnt when he escaped from the fire.

  2. (yue) 樹葉枯黃
    (eng) (of leaves) withered
    (yue) 我剪咗啲燶葉。 (ngo5 zin2 zo2 di1 nung1 jip6)
    (eng) I cut the withered leaves.

  3. (yue) 面燶黑面
    (eng) with an angry/irritated face
    (yue) 個細路女冇雪糕食,所以面燶燶。 (go3 sai3 lou6 neoi2 mou5 syut3 gou1 sik6, so2 ji5 min6 nung1 nung1.)
    (eng) The girl did not get to eat ice-cream, so she wore an angry face.

  4. (yue) 引伸作形容投機炒賣嘅股票暴跌
    (eng) used to describe a drastic drop in (capital) stock, especially in speculation
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 炒燶股票 (caau2 nung1 gu2 piu3)
    (eng) to lose money through speculation
    (yue) 隻股票燶晒,一日跌咗三成。 (zek3 gu2 piu3 nung1 saai3, jat1 jat6 dit3 zo2 saam1 sing4.)
    (eng) The stock has dropped 30% in a day.

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