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「摟 / 嘍」

解釋 #1
  • lau3
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詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 邀請慫恿人一齊去做某件事
    (英文) to invite or encourage somebody to do something together
    (粵) 佢地摟我去食韓燒。 (keoi5 dei6 lau3 ngo5 heoi3 sik6 hon4 siu1.)
    (英) They asked me to have Korean BBQ with them together.
    (粵) 不如摟埋方方報名參加嗰個書法比賽吖? (bat1 jyu4 lau3 maai4 fong1 fong1 bou3 meng2 caam1 gaa1 go2 go3 syu1 faat3 bei2 coi3 aa1?)
    (英) Why not also invite Fong Fong to join the calligraphy competition together?
    (粵) 你今晚有冇嬲埋佢一齊食? (nei5 gam1 maan5 jau5 mou5 lau3 maai4 keoi5 jat1 cai4 sik6?)
    (英) Did you invite him for the dinner tonight?

  2. (廣東話) 激嬲人;撩人;招惹
    (英文) to piss someone off; to make someone angry; to provoke someone
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 嘍打 (lau3 daa2)
    (英) asking for a fight; asking for trouble
    (粵) 你唔好嘍我喎! (nei5 m4 hou2 lau3 ngo5 wo3!)
    (英) Don't piss me off.

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