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解釋 #1
讀音: caap3 seoi2
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 由高處一躍而下,垂直跳入水中;多指跳水運動員嘅動作
    (英文) to dive into water from the springboard
    (粵) 好玩唔玩,學人玩插水,好危險㗎!隨時插到池底整傷自己㗎! (hou2 waan2 m4 waan2, hok6 jan4 waan2 caap3 seoi2, hou2 ngai4 him2 gaa3! ceoi4 si4 caap3 dou3 ci4 dai2 zing2 soeng1 zi6 gei2 gaa3!)
    (英) There are lots of other things you could do other than diving from the springboard! It's dangerous! You could have plunged all the way to the pool bed and hurt yourself.

  2. (廣東話) 情況急轉直下;多指數據(例如股價、業績)急跌
    (英文) to worsen rapidly; usually refers to figures (e.g. stock price, business performance) in a free fall
    (粵) 又話中共今朝會入股救市嘅?我隻9413今日由兩蚊一下插水插到落五毫呀陰功! (jau6 waa6 zung1 gung6 gam1 ziu1 wui5 jap6 gu2 gau3 si5 ge2? ngo5 zek3 gau2 sei3 jat1 saam1 gam1 jat6 jau4 loeng5 man1 jat1 haa5 caap3 seoi2 caap3 dou3 lok6 ng5 hou4 aa3 jam1 gung1!)
    (英) Didn't they say the Chinese government would prop up the stock market this morning? My 9413 shares went into a free fall from $2 to $0.5!

  3. (廣東話) 假摔;不犯自倒;原指喺球類運動裡面,球員假扮俾對手侵犯而故意自行跌低,嘗試瞞騙球證,搏取有利自己隊嘅判決;引申指假扮被害以搏取利益
    (英文) to dive to the ground and feign an injury, in order to mislead the referee into thinking that the other team has committed a foul in a ball game; also refers to the act of gaining (unfair) advantage by playing the victim card
    (粵) 阿Sir,你扮夠未呀?都冇人掂過你,你唔好自己仆街插水搏同情先得㗎? (aa3 soe4, nei5 baan6 gau3 mei6 aa3? dou1 mou5 jan4 dim3 gwo3 nei5, nei5 m4 hou2 zi6 gei2 puk1 gaai1 caap3 seoi2 bok3 tung4 cing4 sin1 dak1 gaa2?)
    (英) Sir, are you done with your acting yet? No one touched you at all. How could you dive to the ground yourself and pretend to be the victim?

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