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解釋 #1
讀音: zo2 gaau1
詞性: 名詞
標籤: 潮語 爭議
(廣東話) 香港嘅政治用語,指聲稱自己政治立場係左翼,支持改變社會制度以令社會喺資源、財富分配上較公平,但係因為過份強調「大愛」而盲目追求和諧同包容嘅人;佢哋行為上往往偏於空口講白話、自打嘴巴甚至背道而馳,所以被稱為「」(戇居、思想言論唔合邏輯嘅人);亦都泛指所有唔係本土派嘅人(量詞:個)
(英文) a contemporary term in the Hong Kong political scene, referring to persons who are identified as left-wing, and support changing society to ensure a more just and fair wealth redistribution, but often waffle or are unable to put their theories in practice; the term is often used to refer to the left-wing liberals, the pan-democrats, and those who support a "peaceful, rational and non-violent" method of protest; sometimes translated as "leftards"
(粵) 啲左膠成日鳩做、車大砲,講嘢三幅被,又對本土派嘴招招。 (di1 zo2 gaau1 seng4 jat6 gau1 zou6, ce1 daai6 paau3, gong2 je5 saam1 fuk1 pei5, jau6 deoi3 bun2 tou2 paai3 zeoi2 zeu1 zeu1.)
(英) Those leftards are frivolous, exaggerating, and repeating themselves all the time, as well as being provocative towards the localists.
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