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解釋 #1
讀音: wo4 lei5 fei1 fei1
詞性: 形容詞
標籤: 香港
(廣東話) 「和平、理性、非暴力、非粗口」嘅簡稱,形容近年香港泛民經常強調嘅政治抗爭模式。因為主張呢種模式嘅泛民主派多年嚟喺政治抗爭上被認定寸功未建,所以「和理非非」一詞亦經常用嚟批評泛民主派,帶有貶義。
(英文) An abbreviation for "peaceful, rational, non-violent and foul-language free", describing an approach which has been promoted by the pan-democracy camp in Hong Kong in recent years. As the pan-democracy camp is firmly believed that they have had no contribution to the democratization for years, the abbreviation is always used as sarcasm.
(粵) 派咁多警察對付啲和理非非嘅示威者,真係好多餘。 (paai3 gam3 do1 ging2 caat3 deoi3 fu6 di1 wo4 lei5 fei1 fei1 ge3 si6 wai1 ze2, zan1 hai6 hou2 do1 jyu4.)
(英) It is beyond superfluous to send so many police officers to deal with some demonstrators who are "peaceful, rational, non-violent and foul-language free".
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