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「俾面 / 畀面」

解釋 #1
  • 俾面 bei2 min2
  • 畀面 bei2 min2
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 睇在某人分上去做某啲野,即使唔係咁想做都會做
    (英文) to do something for somebody as a gesture of respect, even if one may not be very eager to do so
    (粵) 今日係阿哥嘅大日子,我俾面佢,唔同你嘈住。 (gam1 jat6 hai6 aa3 go1 ge3 daai6 jat6 zi2, ngo5 bei2 min6 keoi5, m4 tung4 nei5 cou4 zyu6.)
    (英) It's my brother's big day. I'm not going to make a scene with you, only out of respect for him.

  2. (廣東話) 做啲嘢去表示尊重
    (英文) to be respectful; to pay respects
    (粵) 你應該畀面出席老細個派對啦。 (nei5 jing1 goi1 bei2 min2 ceot1 zik6 lou5 sai3 go3 paai3 deoi3 laa1.)
    (英) You should attend the boss's party as a token of respect.

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