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解釋 #1
讀音: nei5
詞性: 代詞
  1. (廣東話) 第二人稱單數代詞;用嚟稱呼喺自己面前嘅對象,或者溝通嘅對象
    (英文) you; the second person singular pronoun
    (粵) 你去邊呀? (nei5 heoi3 bin1 aa3?)
    (英) Where are you going?
    (粵) 呢枝筆係你㗎。 (ni1 zi1 bat1 hai6 nei5 gaa3.)
    (英) This pen is yours. / This is your pen.
    (粵) 我同你識咗幾耐呀? (ngo5 tung4 nei5 sik1 zo2 gei2 noi6 aa3?)
    (英) How long have we known each other?

  2. (廣東話) 有時用嚟指唔特定嘅一個人
    (英文) sometimes used to refer to an unspecified person; also called the 'generic you'
    (粵) 見到人着衫核突,你唔會大大聲笑𠺢嘛。 (gin3 dou2 jan6 zoek3 saam1 wat6 dat6, nei5 m4 wui5 daai6 daai6 seng1 siu3 gaa1 maa3.)
    (英) If you saw someone dressed real badly, you wouldn't laugh out loud, would you?
    (粵) 佢做乜轀自己喺房唧?你有事應該同人講吖嘛。 (keoi5 zou6 mat1 wan3 zi6 gei2 hai2 fong2 zek1? nei5 jau5 si6 jing1 goi1 tung4 jan4 gong2 aa1 maa3.)
    (英) Why does she lock herself up in her room? If you (=one) have problems, you should tell someone.

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