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解釋 #1
讀音: woek1
詞性: 動詞
標籤: 外來語
  1. (廣東話) 指機器、工具、系統運作正常
    (英文) to work; to function
    (粵) 部機唔work喎。 (bou6 gei1 m4 woek1 wo3.)
    (英) The machine does not work.

  2. (廣東話) 指做法可以達到所需成效,唔會出事
    (英文) to be able to achieve the desired result; to be feasible; to be practical
    (粵) 全港自動捐器官到底work唔work? (cyun4 gong2 zi6 dung6 gyun1 hei3 gun1 dou3 dai2 woek1 m4 woek1?)
    (英) Does it work to implement a territory-wide opt-out organ donation scheme in Hong Kong?
    (粵) 大家覺得異地戀work唔work? (daai6 gaa1 gok3 dak1 ji6 dei6 lyun2 woek1 m4 woek1?)
    (英) What do you guys think. Do long-distance relationships work?
    (粵) 香港啲蛇齋餅糭點解會work? (hoeng1 gong2 di1 se4 zaai1 beng2 zung2 dim2 gaai2 wui5 woek1?)
    (英) Why does it work in Hong Kong to win voters over simply by giving out food or discounted service?

  3. (廣東話) 用「」等等程度副詞去修飾,表示成效超出預期
    (英文) (when preceded by degree adverbs, like hou2) to work really well; to exceed expectation
    (粵) 呢條橋好work喎! (ni1 tiu4 kiu2 hou2 woek1 wo3!)
    (英) This is a brilliant idea! (=The idea worked very well.)
    (粵) 上次佢介紹嗰隻咳藥水好work喎。 (soeng6 ci3 keoi5 gaai3 siu6 go2 zek3 kat1 joek6 seoi2 hou2 woek1 wo3.)
    (英) That cough syrup he recommended last time is really great.

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