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「𠺢嘛 / 加嘛」

解釋 #1
  • 𠺢嘛 gaa1 maa3
  • 加嘛 gaa1 maa3
  • 㗎嘛 gaa1 maa3
  • 架嘛 gaa1 maa3
詞性: 助詞
(廣東話) 吖嘛嘅合音;加喺句子後面,表示呢一個係對方理應知道嘅事,或者係必然會認同嘅判斷
(英文) a combination of and 吖嘛; used at the end of a sentence to express that it is something that the listener/reader should be aware of, or something that they are expected to agree with
(粵) 自然嘅嘢唔一定就係好𠺢嘛。 (zi6 jin4 ge3 je5 m4 jat1 ding6 hou2 gaa1 maa3.)
(英) Being natural does not necessarily mean it is good, am I not right?
(粵) 佢傻𠺢嘛,使乜理佢唧? (keoi5 so4 gaa1 maa3, sai2 mat1 lei5 keoi5 zek1?)
(英) He's crazy, of course. Why bother with him?
(粵) 你大條道理𠺢嘛,唔使怕。 (nei5 daai6 tiu4 dou6 lei5 gaa1 maa3, m4 sai2 paa3.)
(英) You definitely have reason on your side. You needn't be afraid.
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