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解釋 #1
讀音: gau1 wu1
詞性: 動詞
標籤: 潮語
(廣東話) (普通話「購物 gòuwù」嘅音譯)本身嘅意思係「買嘢」;2014 年反佔中遊行參與者被傳媒訪問,問到來港嘅目的,一時諗唔起廣東話點講,用咗普通話講「購物」一詞,暴露咗外地人嘅身分;後來大家用粵語諧音嘅「鳩嗚」將呢個字寫出嚟,去表達字面上「亂咁嗌」、「亂咁講嘢」嘅意思,同時亦都用嚟諷刺自由行喺香港瘋狂買嘢嘅行為
(英文) phonetic loan from Putonghua gòuwù (購物, to go shopping), the characters literally mean "to shout or speak crazily out of control"; the word became the subject of an internet meme in 2014 when an anti-"Occupy Central" protester was interviewed by a news reporter. The protester intended to say she was shopping in Hong Kong but forgot how to say it in Cantonese, and uttered the word 'to shop' in Putonghua, revealing that she is not a local resident. The phrase has since been used to deride mainland tourists' shopping spree in Hong Kong.
(粵) 我哋今晚去旺角鳩嗚咯! (ngo5 dei6 gam1 maan5 heoi3 wong6 gok3 gau1 wu1 lo3!)
(英) Let's go gau-wu (i.e. shopping) in Mongkok tonight!
近義: 近義: 買嘢 購物
參考: http://evchk.wikia.com/wiki/%E9%B3%A9%E5%97%9A
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