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解釋 #1
讀音: haang4 haang4 kei5 kei5
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 無所事事;冇咩做嘢
(英文) to move around aimlessly; to work idly; to have nothing to do; literally, walking and standing
(粵) 嗰間時裝店好少人幫襯,啲員工日日都係行行企企㗎咋。 (go2 gaan1 si4 zong1 dim3 hou2 siu2 jan4 bong1 can3, di1 jyun4 gung1 jat6 jat6 dou1 hai6 haang4 haang4 kei5 kei5 gaa3 zaa3.)
(英) The boutique does not have many customers. The employees don't have much work to do every day, other than just being there.
(粵) 佢日日淨係行行企企,都幫唔到咩手。 (keoi5 jat6 jat6 zing6 hai6 haang4 haang4 kei5 kei5, dou1 bong1 m4 dou2 me1 sau2.)
(英) He pretty much does nothing but stands there or walks aimlessly. That doesn't help much.
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