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解釋 #1
讀音: gan2
詞性: 形容詞
  1. (廣東話) 形容繩、橡筋、衣物,同箍住嘅嘢密合,冇空隙
    (英文) tight; strict; tense; stretched
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 寬鞋緊襪 (fun1 haai4 gan2 mat6)
    (英) loose shoes and tight socks
    (粵) 條褲好緊,我著唔落。 (tiu4 fu3 hou2 gan2, ngo5 zoek3 m4 lok6.)
    (英) The waist is too tight, it doesn't fit on me.

  2. (廣東話) 嚴密;唔放鬆
    (英文) tight; not relaxed
    (粵) 你要跟緊啲先得! (nei5 jiu3 gan1 gan2 di1 sin1 dak1!)
    (英) You've got to follow up closely!
    (粵) 小朋友要空間㗎,唔好迫得太緊呀。 (siu2 pang4 jau5 jiu3 do1 di1 hung1 gaan1, m4 hou2 bik1 dak1 taai3 gan2 aa3.)
    (英) Children need some space. Don't give them too much pressure.

反義: 反義:
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解釋 #2
讀音: gan2
詞性: 詞綴
  1. (廣東話) 放喺動詞之後,表示動作而家正在進行;有時會同「喺度」一齊用去加強語氣
    (英文) placed after a verb to describe an ongoing action, often equivalent to the continuous tense in English; sometimes used with 喺度 hai2 dou6 for emphasis
    (粵) 你而家做緊咩呀? (nei5 ji4 gaa1 zou6 gan2 me1 aa3)
    (英) What are you doing now?
    (粵) 我食緊飯。 (ngo5 sik6 gan2 faan6)
    (英) I am eating.
    (粵) 我拍緊拖(=正喺度同情人約會)呀,唔好阻住晒啦! (ngo5 paak3 gan2 to1 aa3, m4 hou2 zo2 zyu6 saai3 laa1!)
    (英) I'm on a date. Don't get in my way!

  2. (廣東話) 放喺動詞之後,表示處於一種持續嘅狀態;唔可以同「喺度」並用
    (英文) placed after a verb to describe a stable state that is unlikely to change in the near future; usually translated into the simple present tense in English
    (粵) 我喺小學教緊中文。 (ngo5 hai2 siu2 hok6 gaau3 gan2 zung1 man2.)
    (英) I teach Chinese in a primary school.
    (粵) 我返緊份好忙嘅工,冇乜機會見朋友。 (ngo5 faan1 gan2 fan6 hou2 mong4 ge3 gung1, mou5 mat1 gei1 wui6 gin3 pang4 jau5.)
    (英) I have a really busy job; I don't have much chance to meet friends.
    (粵) 我拍緊拖(=有男/女朋友嘅狀態)㗎,你死心啦。唔好再打電話嚟。 (ngo5 paak3 gan2 to1 gaa3, nei5 sei2 sam1 laa1. m4 hou2 zoi3 daa2 din6 waa2 lei4.)
    (英) I'm in a relationship. Give up, and don't ever ring again.

近義: 近義: 喺度 正在
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解釋 #3
讀音: gan2
詞性: 形容詞
(廣東話) 急、快、唔停止(少用)
(英文) (rarely used) fast
配詞 / 用法:
(粵) 密鑼緊鼓 (mat6 lo4 gan2 gu2)
(英) in intense preparation for an event; literally: intense sounds of gongs and drums
(粵) 跟緊啲,唔好俾個賊走甩。 (gan1 gan2 di1, m4 hou2 bei2 go3 caak2 zau2 lat1.)
(英) Trace faster, don't let the thief run away.
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「噉 / 咁」

解釋 #4
  • gam2
  • gam2
  • gaam2
  • gan2
詞性: 詞綴
  1. (廣東話) 通常係單音節嘅動詞、形容詞嘅後綴,指示針對對象嘅過程未完成、未做晒,仲有缺漏,離終止仲有截距離;做形容詞後綴嗰陣,置於構成比較級嘅後綴「」之前;若然對象係名詞詞組,必須有量詞修飾
    (英文) used after a verb or an adjective, often monosyllabic, to signify incompleteness of the process regarding the object; when placed after an adjective, it precedes the suffix di1 ("a bit") which forms comparatives; when the object is a noun phrase, it must be modified with a classifier
    (粵) 幫我食噉啲飯吖。 (bong1 ngo5 sik6 gam2 di1 faan6 aa1.)
    (英) Eat some more rice for me.
    (粵) 趁住有啲錢,快啲還噉啲利息。 (can3 zyu6 jau5 di1 cin2, faai3 di1 waan4 gam2 di1 lei6 sik1.)
    (英) You should pay some of the interest early, as you still have some money.
    (粵) 等我食噉兩個橙先。 (dang2 ngo5 sik6 gam2 loeng5 go3 caang2 sin1.)
    (英) I'll eat two more oranges.
    (粵) 我畀噉好多你喇。 (ngo5 bei2 gam2 hou2 do1 nei5 laa3.)
    (英) I've already given you a lot (though not all yet).
    (粵) 嫲嫲個病好噉啲喇。 (maa4 maa4 go3 beng6 hou2 gam2 di1 laa3.)
    (英) Granny is getting a bit better.
    (粵) 而家已經走噉啲人喇。 (ji4 gaa1 ji5 ging1 zau2 gam2 di1 jan4 laa3.)
    (英) A number of people already start leaving.

  2. (廣東話) 達到某種數量或者程度,但係仍然不如預期,仲有落差
    (英文) to fall behind or to fail to meet the expectation, though there is already a certain amount or extent
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 少噉個位 (siu2 gam2 go3 wai2)
    (英) still to lack a seat
    (粵) 齊人未?好似爭噉個喎。 (cai4 jan4 mei6? hou2 ci5 zaang1 gam2 go3 wo3.)
    (英) Is everyone present? I think we are missing one.
    (粵) 隻蕉唔見噉橛嘅?你食咗呀? (zek3 ziu1 m4 gin3 gam2 gyut6 ge2? nei5 sik6 zo2 aa4?)
    (英) Where's the other half of my banana? Did you eat it?
    (粵) 硬係爭噉啲嘢。 (ngaang2 hai6 zaang1 gam2 di1 je5.)
    (英) Something is just not right.
    (粵) 今日啲生意少噉啲喎。 (gam1 jat6 di1 saang1 ji3 siu2 gam2 di1 wo3.)
    (英) The business is less busier than as expected.
    (粵) 冇啲音樂,氣氛都係爭噉啲。 (mou5 di1 jam1 ngok6, hei3 fan1 dou1 hai6 zaang1 gam2 di1.)
    (英) When there's no music to stir up the atmosphere, it feels like something is missing.

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