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「篤灰 / 篤魁」

解釋 #1
  • 篤灰 duk1 fui1
  • 篤魁 duk1 fui1
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 暗中指證罪魁禍首,類似告密篤背脊 、做二五仔
(英文) to turn or report someone to the police or the authority (often anonymously); to blow the whistle; often carries negative connotations of betrayal
(粵) 佢俾人篤灰話佢公司裝老翻,可能係佢得罪咗啲舊伙記。 (keoi5 bei2 jan4 duk1 fui1 waa6 keoi5 gung1 si1 zong1 lou5 faan1, ho2 nang4 hai6 keoi5 dak1 zeoi6 zo2 di1 gau6 fo2 gei3.)
(英) The authorities received a tip that his company uses pirated software. Perhaps he didn't treat his ex-employees well.
(粵) 示威者要小心唔好俾途人篤魁。 (si6 wai1 ze2 jiu3 siu2 sam1 m4 hou2 bei2 tou4 jan4 duk1 fui1.)
(英) Protesters should be careful not to get recognized by bystanders and get reported to the police.
近義: 近義: 告密 篤背脊
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