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解釋 #1
讀音: soeng1 suk6
詞性: 形容詞
(廣東話) 彼此熟悉
(英文) (of people) familiar with each other; trusted
(粵) 個dinner聚會淨係見到一兩個相熟面孔咋。 (go3 din1 naa4 zeoi6 wui6 zing6 hai6 gin3 dou2 jat1 loeng5 go3 soeng1 suk6 min6 hung2 zaa3.)
(英) There were only one or two familiar faces at the dinner party.
(粵) 有冇相熟嘅裝修師父介紹? (jau5 mou5 soeng1 suk6 ge3 zong1 sau1 si1 fu2 gaai3 siu6?)
(英) Do you have a trusted interior design contractor that you can introduce to me?
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