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解釋 #1
讀音: jau5
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 帶出某樣嘢由乜嘢組成
    (英文) to have; to be made up of
    (粵) 今晚我哋有三十個人。 (gam1 maan5 ngo5 dei6 jau5 saam1 sap6 go3 jan2.)
    (英) There are thirty of us tonight.

  2. (廣東話) 用嚟描述社會或者人際嘅歸屬、關係
    (英文) to have; used to indicate a social or interpersonal relationship or affiliation
    (粵) 我有兩個仔。 (ngo5 jau5 loeng5 go3 zai2.)
    (英) I have two sons.
    (粵) 佢有好多朋友㗎。 (keoi5 jau5 hou2 do1 pang4 jau5 gaa3.)
    (英) She has lots of friends.

  3. (廣東話) 用嚟帶出屬於前者嘅嘢;擁有
    (英文) to have; to own
    (粵) 我屋企有三架車,兩層樓。 (ngo5 uk1 kei2 jau5 saam1 gaa3 ce1, loeng5 cang4 lau2.)
    (英) My family owns three cars and two flats.
    (粵) 我呢度有啲朱古力,你食住頂下肚先啦。 (ngo5 ni1 dou6 jau5 di1 zyu1 gu1 lik1, nei5 sik6 zyu6 ding2 haa5 tou5 sin1 laa1.)
    (英) I have some bits of chocolate with me, help yourself with it.

  4. (廣東話) 用嚟帶出可以用嘅嘢
    (英文) to have; used to describe things / resources that one can make use of
    (粵) 你有三分鐘時間。 (nei5 jau5 saam1 fan1 zung1 si4 gaan3.)
    (英) You have three minutes.

  5. (廣東話) 存在;喺某一個地方可以搵到
    (英文) to exist; can be found
    (粵) 火星上可能有生命。 (fo2 sing1 soeng6 ho2 nang4 jau5 sang1 ming6.)
    (英) There may be life in Mars.
    (粵) 地鐵站有洗手間。 (dei6 tit3 zaam6 jau5 sai2 sau2 gaan1.)
    (英) There are washrooms in the MTR station.

  6. (廣東話) 喺另一個動詞前面,強調曾經做過該行為
    (英文) added in front of another verb to emphasise that the said action has been done
    (粵) 我有做功課㗎! (ngo5 jau5 zou6 gung1 fo3 gaa3!)
    (英) I have done some homework!
    (粵) 我有打過俾你㗎。 (ngo5 jau5 daa2 gwo3 bei2 nei5 gaa3.)
    (英) I did call you!
    (粵) 我有講你知𠺝。 (ngo5 jau5 gong2 nei5 zi1 gaak3.)
    (英) I did tell you, didn't I.
    (粵) 我有食藥㗎! (ngo5 jau5 sik6 joek6 gaa3!)
    (英) I did take my medicine!

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解釋 #2
讀音: jau5
詞性: 代詞
(廣東話) 用喺主語/主題嘅數量詞前面,帶出一個新嘅不定名詞組
(英文) there is/are; added in front of the measure word of the subject/topic of a sentence to bring out a new indefinite noun phrase
(粵) 有三個人喺會議室等緊你。 (jau5 saam1 go3 jan2 hai2 wui6 ji5 sat1 dang2 gan2 nei5.)
(英) There are three people waiting for you in the meeting room.
(粵) 有本書提過呢個講法。 (jau5 bun2 syu1 tai4 gwo3 ni1 go3 gong2 faat3.)
(英) There's a book that mentions this saying.
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