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解釋 #1
讀音: taan1 dung3
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 放啲嘢食、嘢飲喺度等佢冇咁熱
    (英文) (of foods) to cool down; to wait until something is less hot
    (粵) 啲湯攤凍先好飲! (di1 tong1 taan1 dung3 sin1 hou2 jam2)
    (英) The soup is nice only after it has cooled down.

  2. (廣東話) 引申指等一段時間,直至件事少啲人關注
    (英文) figuratively, to wait until an event or a news is no longer hot
    (粵) 我諗住攤凍件事,等大家冷靜落嚟先再諗下點處理。 (ngo5 nam2 zyu6 taan1 dung3 gin6 si6, dang2 daai6 gaa1 laang5 zing6 lok6 lai4 sin1 zoi3 nam2 haa5 dim2 cyu5 lei5.)
    (英) I want to wait until it's cooled down. When everyone is calm down, we can then consider how we should handle this.
    (粵) 等件事攤凍咗,記者就唔會再追問㗎喇。 (dang2 gin6 si6 taan1 dung3 zo2, gei3 ze2 zau6 m4 wui5 zoi3 zeoi1 man6 gaa3 laa3.)
    (英) When the news has cooled down, the reporters will stop asking about it.

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