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解釋 #1
讀音: caap3
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 將一啲長條形或者薄、幼嘅嘢放入某物入面
    (英文) (of strip-like or thin objects) to insert; to thrust; to put in; to stick in
    (粵) 佢將啲玫瑰插咗落個花樽度。 (keoi5 zoeng1 di1 mui4 gwai3 caap3 zo2 lok6 go3 faa1 zoen1 dou6.)
    (英) He put the rose in the vase.
    (粵) 唔係啩?信箱入面插住把刀? (m4 hai6 gwaa3? seon3 soeng1 jap6 min6 caap3 zyu6 baa2 dou1?)
    (英) How come? A knife inserted into the letterbox?
    (粵) 插針落巴士啲櫈度?黐線嘎? (caap3 zam1 lok6 baa1 si2 di1 dang3 dou6? ci1 sin3 gaa4?)
    (英) Planting needles on bus seats? That's insane!
    (粵) 筷子插碗最棹忌。 (faai3 zi2 caap3 wun2 zeoi3 zaau6 gei6.)
    (英) Inserting chopsticks vertically into the rice is taboo.
    (粵) 佢唔覺意倒插咗枝筆,揩到筆尖啲墨。 (keoi5 m4 gok3 ji3 dou3 caap3 zo2 zi1 bat1, haai1 dou2 bat1 zim1 di1 mak6.)
    (英) She inverted the pen by mistake and got stained with the ink on the tip.

  2. (廣東話) 加入其中
    (英文) to insert; to add; to place between; to join
    配詞 / 用法:
    (粵) 加插 (gaa1 caap3)
    (英) to insert or add new content into the existing arrangement, rundown, etc.
    (粵) 插班 (caap3 baan1)
    (英) to join a class in the middle of a course; to be intermediately admitted
    (粵) 插嘴 (caap3 zeoi2)
    (英) to interrupt a speech/conversation
    (粵) 插隊 (caap3 deoi2)
    (英) to jump the queue
    (粵) 插播 (caap3 bo3)
    (英) to interrupt a radio or TV programme with other contents
    (粵) 插曲 (caap3 kuk1)
    (英) incidental music; figuratively, incident
    (粵) 插畫 (caap3 waa2)
    (英) illustration
    (粵) 插張圖喺呢兩段中間。 (caap3 zoeng1 tou4 hai2 nei1 loeng5 dyun6 zung1 gaan1.)
    (英) Insert an image between these two paragraphs.

  3. (廣東話) 批評;指責
    (英文) to criticise; to blame
    (粵) 我份報告唔係寫得幾好,聽日開會嘅時候實俾老細插到飛起。 (ngo5 fan6 bou3 gou3 m4 hai6 se2 dak1 gei2 hou2, ting1 jat6 hoi1 wui2 ge3 si4 hau6 sat6 bei2 lou5 sai3 caap3 dou3 fei1 hei2.)
    (英) My report is not very well-written. I'm definitely going to get a scolding from my boss at tomorrow's meeting.

  4. (廣東話) 價格跌;插水
    (英文) to drop in price
    (粵) 個股巿又插啦!
    (英) The stock market drops again!

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