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解釋 #1
讀音: baan6
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 假裝,表現成一個非自己本質嘅模樣,或表現到情況同事實相悖,明明唔係又表現到好似係咁。
(英文) to pretend; to imitate; to disguise, to behave so as to appear differently from the original self, or to behave in a way which is paradoxical to the reality and facts, to act like something is real but it is not.
(粵) 琴日我見到佢嗰陣,佢扮唔識我啝。 (kam4 jat6 ngo5 gin3 dou2 keoi5 go2 zan2, keoi5 baan6 m4 sik1 ngo5 wo4.)
(英) She pretended she didn't know me when I saw her yesterday.
(粵) 佢喺琴晚嗰個節目度扮成龍。 (keoi5 hai2 kam4 maan5 go2 go3 zit3 muk6 dou6 baan6 sing4 lung4.)
(英) He impersonated Jacky Chan in last night's show.
近義: 近義: 假裝 詐諦
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