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解釋 #1
讀音: gaa1 si6
詞性: 名詞
(廣東話) 家庭入面嘅事;通常帶有外人唔應該插手嘅含義
(英文) family matters; domestic affairs; usually with a nuance that such matters are none of outsiders' business
(粵) 我哋嘅家事唔使你理! (ngo5 dei6 ge3 gaa1 si6 m4 sai2 nei5 lei5!)
(英) Our family affairs are none of your business!
(粵) 好多人覺得家庭暴力係家事,所以就算見到都唔會去報警。 (hou2 do1 jan4 gok3 dak1 gaa1 ting4 bou6 lik6 hai6 gaa1 si6, so2 ji5 zau6 syun3 gin3 dou2 dou1 m4 wui5 heoi3 bou3 ging2.)
(英) Many think that domestic violence is a 'family matter', and therefore they would not report to the police even if they witnessed it.
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