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「啹 / gur」

解釋 #1
  • goe4
  • gur goe4
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 服氣;接受外來嘅決定
    (英文) to accept; to not protest; to not feel offended; usually with reference to a decision or action made by an adversary
    (粵) 我對眼就係法庭,你哋而家啹唔啹先? (ngo5 deoi3 ngaan5 zau6 hai6 faat3 ting4, nei5 dei6 ji4 gaa1 goe4 m4 goe4 sin1?)
    (英) My eyes shall be the judge; any objections?
    (粵) 我家姐上年年尾俾人無理炒魷,覺得好唔啹。 (ngo5 gaa1 ze1 soeng6 nin2 nin4 mei5 bei2 jan4 mou4 lei5 caau2 jau2, gok3 dak1 hou2 m4 goe4.)
    (英) My sister felt aggrieved because she was fired without reason the end of last year.

  2. (廣東話) 滿意某人
    (英文) to accept somebody; to not treat somebody as an adversary
    (粵) 佢唔啹我好耐啦,今次公報私仇咋嘛! (keoi5 m4 goe4 ngo5 hou2 noi6 laa1, gam1 ci3 gung1 bou3 si1 sau4 zaa3 maa3!)
    (英) He has hated me for a long time, these new policies of his are just a disguise to dispose of me!
    (粵) 佢哋兩個都唔啹對方,開親會都鬧交,點合作? (keoi5 dei6 loeng5 go3 dou1 m4 goe4 deoi3 fong1, hoi1 can1 wui2 dou1 naau6 gaau1, dim2 hap6 zok3?)
    (英) They have been bitter against each other and every meeting of theirs inevitably deforms into a heated argument. How could they possibly work together?

  3. (廣東話) 本身處於唔舒服、辛苦嘅狀態,因為環境因素改變而感覺暢快、順氣
    (英文) to feel better
    (粵) 頭先搬嘢又熱又攰,飲完杯嘢成個人啹晒! (tau4 sin1 bun1 je5 jau6 jit6 jau6 gui6, jam2 jyun4 bui1 je5 seng4 go3 jan4 goe4 saai3!)
    (英) I felt much better after this drink.

  4. (廣東話) 將胃氣由口腔排出嚟
    (英文) to exhale stomach gas; to burp
    (粵) 我個胃好脹,又啹唔到啲胃氣出嚟,谷住谷住好辛苦。 (ngo5 go3 wai6 hou2 zoeng3, jau6 goe4 m4 dou2 di1 wai6 hei3 ceot1 lai4, guk1 zyu6 guk1 zyu6 hou2 san1 fu2.)
    (英) My stomach feels gassy and I can't burp it out; it feels unpleasant with the pressure inside.
    (粵) 你啹氣嗰陣揞住個口啦,如果唔係好冇禮貌㗎。 (nei5 goe4 hei3 go2 zan2 am2 zyu6 go3 hau2 laa1, jyu4 gwo2 m4 hai6 hou2 mou5 lai5 maau6 gaa3.)
    (英) Cover your mouth when you burp, it would be really rude not to do so.

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