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解釋 #1
讀音: ceot1 loeng4
詞性: 動詞
(yue) 僱主畀人工員工;員工拎到人工
(eng) (of employers) to pay salary; (of employees) to receive one's salary
(yue) 月尾喇喎,你出糧未啊? (jyut6 mei5 laa3 wo3, nei5 ceot1 loeng4 mei6 aa3?)
(eng) It's the end of the month. Have you received your salary yet?
(yue) 我陣間要去銀行出糧俾啲伙記。 (ngo5 zan6 gaan1 jiu3 heoi3 ngan4 hong4 ceot1 loeng4 bei2 di1 fo2 gei3.)
(eng) I need to go to the bank later on to pay salary to our staff.
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