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解釋 #1
讀音: ceot1 jap6 hau2
詞性: 名詞
  1. (廣東話) 進入同離開一個空間嘅通道、門口
    (英文) exit and entrance; the way in and out of a room or space
    (粵) 你將啲貨堆晒喺出入口度,人哋點出入呀? (nei5 zoeng1 di1 fo3 deoi3 saai3 hai2 ceot1 jap6 hau2 dou6, jan4 dei6 dim2 ceot1 jap6 aa3?)
    (英) You put the goods by the exit, how can the others come in and out?

  2. (廣東話) 出口(拎咗去外地賣嘅貨物)同埋入口(由外國輸入嚟賣嘅貨物)
    (英文) export and import
    (粵) 佢間公司係做出入口貿易嘅。 (keoi5 gaan1 gung1 si1 hai6 zou6 ceot1 jap6 hau2 mau6 jik6 ge3.)
    (英) His company is an import/export trading firm.

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