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解釋 #1
讀音: nei5 lou5 mou2
詞性: 名詞
標籤: 粗俗
  1. (廣東話) 用嚟貶抑對方講嘅說話,用法係將對方使用嘅動詞應用於「你老母」 (或「佢老母」)
    (英文) used to disparage what someone is saying by picking up the verb they are using and applying it to 「你老母」 or 「佢老母
    (粵) 甲:「有咩嘢唔妥,咪慢慢講囉!」 乙:「講你老母!」 ("jau5 me1 je5 m4 to5, mai6 maan6 maan2 gong2 lo1!" "gong2 nei5 lou5 mou2!")
    (英) A: "Whatever problem there is we can talk about it." B:"Talk your mother!"

  2. (廣東話)屌你老母」嘅簡約版
    (英文) a short form for "屌你老母"
    (粵) 邊有錢呀你老母! (bin1 jau5 cin2 aa3 nei5 lou5 mou2!)
    (英) I don't have any money! Your mother!

近義: 近義: 佢老母
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