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「冧把 / 冧巴」

解釋 #1
  • 冧把 lam1 baa2 , nam1 baa2
  • 冧巴 lam1 baa1 , nam1 baa2
詞性: 名詞
標籤: 外來語
  1. (yue) 號碼(量詞:個)
    (eng) number, transliterated from the English word 'number'
    配詞 / 用法:
    (yue) 冧巴溫 (lam1 baa1 wan1)
    (eng) number one; the first
    (yue) 畀你冧巴我。 (bei2 nei5 lam1 baa2 ngo5.)
    (eng) Give me your number.

  2. (yue) 引申至某個門牌號碼物業嘅業權(量詞:個)
    (eng) ownership of any property with a certain building number
    (yue) 你唔好睇佢爛身爛勢,佢喺彌敦道有幾個冧把揸手㗎。 (nei5 m4 hou2 tai2 keoi5 laan6 san1 laan6 sai3, keoi5 hai2 nei4 deon1 dou6 jau5 gei2 go3 lam1 baa2 zaa1 sau2 gaa3.)
    (eng) Don't overlook him though he dresses indecently. He owns several properties on Nathan Road.

近義: 近義: 號碼
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