「lu / 嚕」

解釋 #1
  • lu lu3
  • lu3
詞性: 助詞
  1. (廣東話) 表達自己覺得慶幸、輕鬆嘅狀態轉變
    (英文) used to express a change of state that gives oneself a feeling of rejoice or relief
    (粵) ngo5maai5dou2fei1lulu3
    (英) Yay, I finally bought the tickets!
    (粵) zou6jyun4gung1fo3lu3
    (英) Finished homework!
    (粵) ngo5jap6zo2zung1daai6lum4使sai2zoi3haau2DSEdse
    (英) I have been admitted into CUHK, and do not have to take the DSE exam anymore.
    (粵) ngo5gam2mou6hou2faan1saai3m4使sai2zoi3sik6joek6lu3
    (英) I've fully recovered from flu. I don't need to take medicine anymore.
    (粵) fan3seng2zau6mou5si6lu3
    (英) It will be over once you wake up after sleep.

  2. (廣東話) 用嚟講出自己或者大家準備做嘅行動
    (英文) used to speak out the action of oneself or one's group in the immediate future
    (粵) ngo5dei6heoi3tai2hei3lulu3
    (英) We're gonna go to the theatre now.
    (粵) nei5zung6mei6zou6jyun4je5aa4?gam2ngo5zi6gei2zau2sin1lu3
    (英) You haven't finished the work yet? Then I'll leave first.

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