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「𠺝 / 格」

解釋 #1
  • 𠺝 gaak3
  • gaak3
詞性: 助詞
  1. (廣東話)」嘅強化變體,表示否定對方原有前設,並且十分之肯定、支持或者有信心,並且表達本應如此、理所當然而毋須懷疑嘅涵義;好多時同「」、「」、「一定」連用
    (英文) stronger variant of gaa3 to show full certainty, support or confidence and also to express a connotation that something is undoubtedly as it should be, after negating the presupposition of the other; often used together with gang2, sat6 and 一定 jat1ding6
    (粵) 你實幫住佢𠺝。 (nei5 sat6 bong1 zyu6 keoi5 gaak3.)
    (英) You'll definitely favour him.
    (粵) 人終須一死,梗𠺝。 (jan4 zung1 seoi1 jat1 sei2, gang2 gaak3.)
    (英) Men die at last. It must happen.
    (粵) 去到𠺝,行過去囉。 (heoi3 dou2 gaak3, haang4 gwo3 heoi3 lo1.)
    (英) Of course it is accessible - go there on foot.

  2. (廣東話) 喺講者覺得有啲嘢出奇嗰陣,用嚟重覆自己嘅理解,從而帶出疑問、質疑或者轉折;好多時同「明明」、「應該」、「照計」連用
    (英文) used to repeat the speaker's understanding, and so as to bring out any question, doubt or contrast, when the speaker finds something unusual; often used together with 明明 ming4ming4, 應該 jing1goi1 and 照計 ziu3gai3
    (粵) 明明唔係噉樣𠺝! (ming4 ming4 m4 hai6 gam2 joeng2 gaak3!)
    (英) Apparently it should not have been like that! (implying "Still it comes to be, oh why?")
    (粵) 我記得噉行去到𠺝,搞咩呢? (ngo5 gei3 dak1 gam2 haang4 heoi3 dou2 gaak3, gaau2 me1 ne1?)
    (英) As I remember it should be possible to go by this way, what's going on?
    (粵) 我有就晒你𠺝,點解你仲要去滾啊? (ngo5 jau5 zau6 saai3 nei5 gaak3, dim2 gaai2 nei5 zung6 jiu3 heoi3 gwan2 aa3?)
    (英) I have met all your needs and wants at my best, but why do you still mess around?

  3. (廣東話) 喺某啲否定形式表示冇咩大不了
    (英文) used in some negation forms to mean that something is no big deal or does not matter
    (粵) 冇𠺝,咪用盡所有辦法照做囉。 (mou5 gaak3, mai6 jung6 zeon6 so2 jau5 baan6 faat3 ziu3 zou6 lo1.)
    (英) It doesn't matter. Just do it by all means then.
    (粵) 佢大你之嘛,冇乜嘢𠺝。 (keoi5 daai6 nei5 zaa1 maa3, mou5 mat1 je5 gaak3.)
    (英) He's scaring you only. That doesn't mean anything.

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