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解釋 #1
讀音: lung4 jau2
詞性: 名詞
(英文) the short form of "salon guys" - amateur photography enthusiasts; previously means the people interested in taking artistic photos, nowadays usually refers to those who treasure the value of professional equipment more than photography skills
(粵) hou2do1lung4jau2ji5wai4jung6jyut6gwai3ge3hei3coi4jing2ge3soeng2jyut6leng3fat1si6zo2kau3tou4tung4si4gei1ge3zung6jiu3sing3
(英) Many amateurs think that the more expensive the equipment is, the better the photo, overlooking the importance of composition and timing.
(粵) ji4gaa1go2di1so2wai6hei3ce1zin2sing4jat6dou1je5saai3baan1lung4jau2heoi3jing2di1𡃁leng1mou4kwan4dai2zan1hai6soeng1fung1baai6dak1
(英) Car shows these days attract a lot of amateurs who are only interested in taking upskirt photos of "young models". It's utterly indecent.
(粵) lok6jyun4coeng4daai6jyu5zi1hau6jau6jau5jat1daai6deoi1lung4jau2cung1heoi3naam4saan1cyun1jing2dou2jing2soeng2keoi5dei6m4gok3dak1mun6gaa3me1?
(英) After the rainstorm, amateurs again flocked to Nam Shan Estate to take photos of rain reflections. Don't they ever get bored?
參考: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pad-DKr_qIo
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