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解釋 #1
讀音: jam2 seoi2 si1 jyun4
詞性: 語句
(廣東話) 飲水嘅時候要諗下啲水由邊度嚟;引申為唔忘本,懂得感恩
(英文) April showers bring May flowers; to bear in mind where one's happiness comes from; to have gratitude for one's benefit; not to be forgetful of those who helped to make the present possible for us; literally "when drinking water, think of its source"
(粵) 佢係個飲水思源嘅人,即使成咗名,都冇忘記過當年幫助過自己嘅人。 (keoi5 hai6 go3 jam2 seoi2 si1 jyun4 ge3 jan4, zik1 si2 sing4 zo2 ming4, dou1 mou5 mong4 gei3 gwo3 dong1 nin4 bong1 zo6 gwo3 zi6 gei2 ge3 jan4.)
(英) He reciprocates people who helped him in the past with gratitude, even though he is now famous.
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