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解釋 #1
讀音: seon6 dak1 jan4
詞性: 形容詞
(yue) 形容人肯順人哋心意、依人哋要求做
(eng) to describe a "yes man", a person who always agree to do as another requests
(yue) 你鄉下係咪順德嚟㗎?咁順得人嘅? (nei5 hoeng1 haa2 hai6 mai6 seon6 dak1 lai4 gaa3? gam3 seon6 dak1 jan4 ge2?)
(eng) Is your hometown Shunde? How come you never reject others' requests (a pun with "a person from 順德 Shunde")?
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