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「過龍 / 過籠」

解釋 #1
  • 過龍 gwo3 lung4
  • 過籠 gwo3 lung4
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 超出預期嘅程度、範圍,過份咗
(英文) to go beyond expectations; to overdo something; to "go too far"; to do something to excess
配詞 / 用法:
(粵) 醒過龍 (sing2 gwo3 lung4)
(英) too (worldly-)wise; smartass
(粵) 好心過龍 (hou2 sam1 gwo3 lung4)
(英) to have a bad outcome out of a good intention
(粵) 眼大睇過龍 (ngaan5 daai6 tai2 gwo3 lung4)
(英) to overlook something obvious
(粵) 哎呀,瞓過龍啊! (ai1 aa3, fan3 gwo3 lung4 aa3!)
(英) Oh gosh, (I) overslept!
(粵) 吹水吹到過晒龍,差啲遲大到! (ceoi1 seoi2 ceoi1 dou3 gwo3 saai3 lung4, caa1 di1 ci4 daai6 dou3!)
(英) I chitchatted with others too much, I was almost pretty late!
(粵) 火力唔好過龍,唔係就會煮燶。 (fo2 lik6 m4 hou2 gwo3 lung4, m4 hai6 zau6 wui5 zyu2 nung1.)
(英) The heat power should not be too high. Otherwise it will be over-burnt.
(粵) 我哋係咪應該反省下,我哋噉做究竟係咪過咗龍呢? (ngo5 dei6 hai6 mai6 jing1 goi1 faan2 sing2 haa5, ngo5 dei6 gam2 zou6 gau3 ging2 hai6 mai6 gwo3 zo2 lung4 ne1?)
(英) Should we think twice about whether we really did too far?
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