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解釋 #1
讀音: sung3 sei2
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 指實力唔夠嘅時候去應戰;自取滅亡
(英文) to court death; to walk into a trap; to bring about one's own downfall or destruction
(粵) 手無寸鐵衝去最前面,等於白白送死啫。 (sau2 mou4 cyun3 tit3 cung1 heoi3 zeoi3 cin4 min6, dang2 jyu1 baak6 baak6 sung3 sei2 ze1.)
(英) Rushing to the front without holding any weapon, is like courting death for nothing.
(粵) 我溫咗一半都冇,等陣個試我聽送死喇。 (ngo5 wan1 zo2 jat1 bun3 dou1 mou5, dang2 zan6 go3 si5 ngo5 ting3 sung3 sei2 laa3.)
(英) I don't even have half of the revision done yet. I will be like preparing to be KO-ed by the exam in a short while.
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