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「賺錢買花戴 / 搵錢買花戴」

解釋 #1
  • 賺錢買花戴 zaan6 cin2 maai5 faa1 daai3
  • 搵錢買花戴 wan2 cin2 maai5 faa1 daai3
詞性: 語句
標籤: 俚語
(廣東話) 形容一個人返工唔係為咗維持基本嘅生活需要,而只係為咗要買一啲額外嘅、名貴嘅嘢嚟娛樂自己;返工並唔係必要;多數指女性
(英文) does not need one's salary for living expenses, one's salary is for luxuries and unnecessities (usually of women); literally, to earn money for buying flowers to wear
(粵) 佢返工都係賺錢買花戴㗎姐,佢邊緊張份工。 (keoi5 faan1 gung1 dou1 hai6 zaan6 cin2 maai5 faa1 daai3 gaa3 ze1, keoi5 bin1 gan2 zoeng1 fan6 gung1.)
(英) She works not because she needs to maintain her living, but merely because she wanna buy luxuries. How will she care about the job?
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