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解釋 #1
讀音: zyu1 coeng4 fan2
詞性: 名詞
(英文) 冇餡嘅腸粉;只係將蒸熟嘅米漿皮捲成一條條,再切段。通常會加上豉油、麻醬(或花生醬)、甜醬、芝麻,撈勻嚟食。(量詞:碟/條)
(英文) rice noodle rolls (腸粉) without fillings; it is made by rolling the steamed rice sheets into tight rolls plainly, and then cutting the rolls into segments. It is commonly served with soy sauce, sesame sauce (or peanut sauce), sweet sauce, and sesame.
(粵) 我喺樓下買咗碟豬腸粉。 (ngo5 hai2 lau4 haa6 maai5 zo2 dip6 zyu1 coeng4 fan2.)
(英) I bought a plate of rice noodle rolls (without fillings) downstairs.
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