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解釋 #1
讀音: ceng2 jam2
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 邀請賓客去宴會
    (英文) to be the host of a feast; to give a feast
    (粵) 陳太下個禮拜請飲,你會唔會去啊? (can4 taai2 haa6 go3 lai5 baai3 ceng2 jam2, nei5 wui5 m4 wui5 heoi3 aa3?)
    (英) Mrs. Chan will give a feast next week, are you going?

  2. (廣東話) 舉辦喜宴
    (英文) to hold a wedding banquet
    (粵) 佢兩個拍咗咁耐拖,幾時請飲啊? (keoi5 loeng5 go3 paak3 zo2 gam3 noi6 to1, gei2 si4 ceng2 jam2 aa3?)
    (英) Both of them have been seeing each other for so long, when will they get married (and hold a wedding banquet)?

近義: 近義: 擺酒
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