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解釋 #1
讀音: can1 man4
詞性: 形容詞
(廣東話) 形容在上位者和藹可親、唔擺架子,同民眾冇乜隔膜或距離;多數用喺高官或名人身上
(英文) being amiable to the people; usually to describe persons of high authority (esp. government officials or celebrities) being humble and not presumptuous
(粵) 現任教宗好親民架! (jin6 jam6 gaau3 zung1 hou2 can1 man4 gaa3!)
(英) The current Pope is very loving to the people!
(粵) 發哥出咗名親民,從來都唔會拒絕同影迷合照。 (faat3 go1 ceot1 zo2 meng2 can1 man4, cung4 loi4 dou1 m4 wui5 keoi5 zyut6 tung4 jing2 mai4 hap6 ziu3.)
(英) Chow Yun-fat is well-known for his friendliness. He never rejects taking photo with fans.
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