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「臭坑出臭草 / 臭罌出臭草」

解釋 #1
  • 臭坑出臭草 cau3 haang1 ceot1 cau3 cou2
  • 臭罌出臭草 cau3 aang1 ceot1 cau3 cou2
  • 臭罌出臭醋 cau3 aang1 ceot1 cau3 cou3 , cau3 aang1 ceot1 cau3 cou2
詞性: 語句
(廣東話) 用嚟鬧人,指一個人出身低微,自然人格都低劣
(英文) "it is natural that an inferior background will produce someone of low character", an insult to both one's origin and personality; literally, a smelly ditch (or jar) grows smelly grass
(粵) 你睇個阿媽咁冇文化,個女又冇家教,真係臭坑出臭草。 (nei5 tai2 go3 aa3 maa1 gam3 mou5 man4 faa3, go3 neoi2 jau6 mou5 gaa1 gaau3, zan1 hai6 cau3 haang1 ceot1 cau3 cou2.)
(英) Look, the mother is so uncivilised, and the daughter behaves poorly; (it's such a proof that) a smelly ditch grows smelly grass.
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