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「老屎窟 / 老屎忽」

解釋 #1
  • 老屎窟 lou5 si2 fat1
  • 老屎忽 lou5 si2 fat1
詞性: 名詞
(廣東話) 恃老賣老嘅人,多數身處同一個團體、機構或公司多年;有唔少都睇唔起新人、後生仔,做事喜歡推卸責任,嫁禍他人,熟悉內部運作但用來為自己謀求利益同好處
(英文) A person who is experienced, and is in a position of authority due to their age or experience, but is often cunning, unfairly dismissive of young and inexperienced people, and is not above manipulating internal processes of their organisation to achieve their personal goals
(粵) 班老屎窟,嘢又唔識做,成日喺度指指點點! (baan1 lou5 si2 fat1, je5 jau6 m4 sik1 zou6, seng4 jat6 hai2 dou6 zi2 zi2 dim2 dim2!)
(英) Those old pricks are always bossing people around, without actually knowing how to do stuff!
(粵) 啲老屎窟成日口水多過茶,好煩啊。 (di1 lou5 si2 fat1 seng4 jat6 hau2 seoi2 do1 gwo3 caa4, hou2 faan4 aa3.)
(英) Those old pricks are always talking. They're so annoying.
近義: 近義: 老油條
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