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解釋 #1
讀音: dou2
詞性: 語素
(廣東話) 睇;望
(英文) to look; to see
配詞 / 用法:
(粵) 目睹 (muk6 dou2)
(英) to witness
(粵) 有目共睹 (jau5 muk6 gung6 dou2)
(英) to be obvious; literally: to be there for all to see
(粵) 睹物思人 (dou2 mat6 si1 jan4)
(英) to see things that remind somebody of a person
(粵) 視若無睹 (si6 joek6 mou4 dou2)
(英) to take no notice of what one sees; to turn a blind eye to; to ignore
(粵) 先睹為快 (sin1 dou2 wai4 faai3)
(英) to take delight in being the first to read or see something
(粵) 慘不忍睹 (caam2 bat1 jan2 dou2)
(英) too horrible to look at
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